1. The difference between indoor and outdoor sessions? 
    Consider using less power output indoors to compensate for the temperature difference

  2. How often should I conduct the FTP test? 
    The best is every 6 weeks. 

  3. When is it better to weigh myself? 
    Always weigh yourself at the same time in the morning after training.

  4. What should my protein intake be before and/or after a workout and how much? 
    30g of protein before a workout and bike ride. 

  5. Should I take BCAA for training rides? 
    Yes, but only for long and difficult rides. 

  6. How much of an effect do sleeping pills have on race day? 
    Only tryptophan and melatonin have a positive effect on race day.  Stay away from sleeping medications. 

  7. Should I have a bigger or smaller frame? 
    A smaller frame is more reactive, too big of a frame is no good at all. 

  8. How do I mimic a long climb indoors? 
    A timed 1km set for 3 min. 

  9. If I don't feel good, should I push to complete a session? 
    It's very important to always listen to your body.  It is better and more wise to stop if you don't feel 100% 

  10. How long do I wait after breakfast or lunch? 
    Wait 45min for breakfast and 1.5 hrs. after lunch.