Pescara, Italy

One of the many beautiful things about cycling in Italy is the variety of terrain. There is not much flat terrain so one has to be prepared to do a lot of climbing on the bike. There is always a reward at the top of a climb whether it be a medieval hill town or the summit of an iconic climb in the alps. Arriving at the top there is satisfaction, beauty, great views and sometimes a lunch stop.


Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca has become the mecca for European cycling escapes. Thanks to a sustained effort from the local government Mallorca has been transformed in recent years into a cyclists paradise.

Mallorca has the perfect ingredients for every type of cyclist:

  • Smooth well maintained roads
  • High mountain passes for climbers
  • Tranquil flat roads for the leisure cyclists
  • Great all-year-round weather
  • Frequent flights from across Europe

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The sacred experience on hidden roads of Nippon  

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